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Heat presses, Geo knight, Hix, Hotronix, flat heat presses and mug and cap and plate Presses, SEPS Graphics offers a wide varity of Heat press manufactures, and styles.  Swing away heat presses, clamshell heat press and all in one heat presses, something for all types of heat pressing.

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MAC-GRA-FUZE32 - Fuze 32 25.5"x31.5" Pull out heat press
GK-DK16 - Geo Knight 14x16 Clam Shell Heat Press
GK-DC16AP - Geo Knight DC16AP Digital Combo
GK-DC8 - Geo Knight DC8 Digital Combo Label Press
GK-DK20SP - Geo Knight Digital 16x20 *Air Automatic
GK-DC16 - Geo Knight Digital Combo
GK-DC-CAP - Geo Knight Digital Combo Cap Attachment
GK-DC-PLATE - Geo Knight Digital Combo Plate Attachment
GK-DK3 - Geo Knight Digital Mug Press
GK-DK20 - Geo Knight DK20 Digital Clam Shell
GK-DK20S - Geo Knight DK20S Digital  SwingAway
GK-DK25S - Geo Knight DK25S Digital  SwingAway, 20x25
GK-DK25SP - Geo Knight DK25SP Digital Air Auto SwingAway Heat Press, 20x25
GK-DKA-STAND - Geo Knight DKA Stand for  DK20S, DK20SP, DC16, DC16AP, DK20, DK16
GK-DROPTABLES - Geo Knight Drop Tables
GK-DC-FMW - Geo Knight Full Mug Wrap Attachment for the DC Combo unit
GK-JP14 - Geo Knight JetPress 12x14 Swinger
GK-JP12 - Geo Knight JetPress 9x12 Swinger
GK-DC-TWIN - Geo Knight Twin Shuttle Table attachment for the DC16
GK-DKATWINATT - Geo Knight Twin Shuttle Table attachment for the DC20
GK-DKA-TWIN - Geo Knight Twin Shuttle Table attachment for the DKA Clam Shell heat press
GO-FUZE32 - GO Fuze 25.5” x 31.5” Professional Manual Pull Out Heat Press
GO-METEL600 - GO Metalnox EL 600 Swing-Away 16” x 20” Heavy Duty Swing-Away Manual Heat Press
HT-600P - Hix 600P Heat Press 16"X20", manual clam shell
HIX-400E - Hix HT-400E 15”x15” Analog Clam Shell Heat press
HIX-S650P - Hix S-650-P Auto Release Heat Press 16"X20", clam shell
HIX-STAND - Hix Universal Heat Press Stand
HIX-HL912 - HIX-HL912 9"x12" swing away heat press
HOT-STX20 - Hotronix  Auto Clam Shell Heat Press, with Auto pop up, 16 X 20
MAC-HOT-AF-TT - Hotronix Air Fusion Heat 16x20 XRF table top
MAC-HOT-AF - Hotronix Air Fusion Heat Press 16x20 XRF
HOT-CRAFTPRESS - Hotronix Craft Press 2, 9"x12"
MAC-HOT-FUSION - Hotronix Fusion Heat Press, XF, 16x20
HOT-EQIPCART - Hotronix Heat Printing Equipment Cart
MAC-HOT-DAF - Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion™ Heat Press
HOT-SPORTSBALLHP - Hotronix® Sports Ball Heat Press
HIX-HT400P - HT-400 P 15"x15" manual clam shell with digital display and pressure read out heat press
RIC-HP-0401MF - Muti-funtion Heat Press 4 in 1
RIC-HP-0601MF - Muti-funtion Heat Press 6 in 1
HIX-SWINGMAN15 - Swing Man 15. 15"x15" Swingaway analog manual heat press with hand held timer
HIX-SWM20 - Swing Man 20 16"x20" Swing Away Press with digital display and pressure readout
HIX-SWM20TWIN - Swing Man 20 Twin (Swing Away Press)with digital readout
HIX-SM20E - Swing Man 20E Analog (Swing Away Press) 16x20, with hand held time
HIX-SWM25TWIN - Swing Man 25 Twin (Swing Away Press)with digital display and pressure readout
HIX-SWM25 - SwingMan 25, 20"x25"(Swing Away Presses)with digital display and pressure readout