Envelope Press Bundle, includes ColorMaxT 5, feeder and conveyer, white ink

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    ColorMaxT5 5 color Laser Printer with White ink Envelope Press

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    Envelope Press bundle with White Inks


    ColorMax T5, 5 color laser Printer 

    530 sheet 2nd and 3rd Paper Tray

    530 sheet Tray with casters

    Full set of Toners

    Straight shooter Pro enveloper feeder


    Print color-on-color with the ColorMaxT5 is the C942dn from OKI®: a 5-station device with breathtaking output, stunning detail and production speed. SEPS Graphics has put together the Perfect Envelope Press and now is allowing you to print on dark color stocks or envelopes.  This envelope press opens your business to making the popular wedding invitations and cards on dark colors stocks.


    Short run printing on our 5 color digital envelope press saves time and waste.


    OKI takes graphic arts printing to a new level with the ColorMaxT 5 color laser printer, offering outstanding print quality, higher print speeds, lower total cost of ownership, complete media flexibility plus the unique option of printing with a fifth color. You can now print on-demand, the full range of process colors, including solid white on a dark background.


    A first in digital LED printing – CMYK + White the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer  is an affordable and unique high definition printer that enables you to not only print the full range of process colors but also offers white. < Print in a full range of process CMYK colors < Plus now add a spot color - white for printing on darker media < Stunning vibrancy of color on dark or transparent media Stunning high definition color The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer uses the combination of digital LED technology and our Multi-Level Pro Q technology to produce the sharpest and most vibrant print output available.


    The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope Press produces outstanding professional-quality output, up to 50 pages per minute, with the ability to print CMYK plus white toner in a single pass.  Five-color printing takes envelopes, marketing collateral, and more to a whole new level: print color-on-color or white-on-color and watch the colors pop off the page. Revolutionary multi-level LED print heads control the amount of toner applied to each 1200-dpi dot, preserving fine image detail for even printing across the entire document.


    Dry-toner based printing is durable enough for envelopes to withstand the elements, and with its straight feed path, high-capacity feeder and output conveyor, the ColorMaxT5 is ideal for printing envelopes of all sizes. It easily handles 360gsm extra-thick card stock, polyester, magnetic media, transparency films and much more, in sizes ranging from 3” x 5” index cards to 13” x 52” banners.

    High-capacity toner cartridges produce up to 38,000 pages, keeping projects up and running for longer periods without costly down-time. Replacing consumables is easy with the front-access compartment. Its high-resolution color LCD control panel features an alphanumeric keypad, and displays real-time information on print jobs and toner levels. Duplex printing is standard, allowing users to feed and print two-sided documents in one pass.

    The powerful 2GB of memory and 1 Gigabit network provide a platform designed to support a variety of features and services, now and in the future.

    No more reliance on outside printing vendors, which can be costly, and time-consuming. With the ColorMaxT5, users can produce brilliant color-on-color or white-on-color jobs on-demand, on-site.




    ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope Printer - A productive solution for increasing profits with 5 color specialty applications. We’ve designed the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope Printer to meet these demands with great production ease. Produce high quality image output, at up to 45ppm in a single pass. And with our enhanced white toner your images will visually jump off the page and wow your most critical client.


    Premium printing on demand The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope Printer  is the ideal color print device for creative, opportunity seeking print shops, design firms, and even large retailers: a fast, flexible, cost effective, easy-to-use printer that lets you do more in house than ever before— with CMYK plus White toner in one pass. With the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope press, premium print jobs that used to require expensive printing equipment or outside resources are available affordably and on demand. Beyond 4-color printing the addition of White toner lets you do what most short-run print devices can't. Broaden your printed offerings by producing stunning white-on-color and, unique to the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope Printer, brilliant color on dark media. The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer gives you the ability to create a wide range of breathtaking output, including invitations, stationery, brochures, packaging prototypes, point-of-sale material, window graphics, labels and more. It applies White toner under CMYK or alone on colored or translucent media to produce results that really stand out! And it can handle envelopes, clear polyester media, and stock as heavy as 360 gsm. Print for profit The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer  lets you extend your in house color printing capabilities from the expected to the extraordinary. It’s a new breed of print devices, perfect for short runs and, with a duty cycle rated at up to 300,000 pages per month, rugged enough for longer runs. With its ease of use and low total cost of ownership, this affordable printing device enables you to produce premium printed products, offer new services, and grow your business and profits.


    ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer  Highlights:


    Prints with CMYK plus White toner


    Prints White under CMYK in a single pass— for full color on dark media


    High-density White toner for outstanding coverage on color stock


    Print speed up to 50 ppm Color/Mono for CMYK; up to 45 ppm for CMYK over White


    True 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution


    High-capacity toner: up to 38,000 pages


     Small footprint—less than 5 square feet


    Prints on a wide range of media, including envelopes, magnetic media, polyester, transparent film, and heavier stock (up to 360 gsm)


    Handles 3" x 5" cards to 52" banners


    Supports tabloid extra (12" x 18") and Super-B (13" x 19")


    Duplex (2-sided printing) standard


    PC and MAC® OS Postscript® print drivers— with trapping through the driver


    Multi-Level ProQ technology enhances color print output


    Fully compatible with EFI Fiery® XF for advanced color management Low total cost of ownership The Pro942dn combines a highly competitive capital cost and ultra-high capacity toners cartridges to deliver a considerably reduced total cost of ownership, essential where high coverage and quality is demanded.


    Highly competitive initial capital cost


    Reduced operating costs through ultra-high capacity toner cartridges and drums < Separate toners and drums for reduced wastage


    Energy efficient for reduced energy usage Speed that you can rely upon offering the highest printing speeds on the market, the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer delivers faster short run on-demand printing.  Time to first print less than 8 seconds


    A3 print speeds of 27ppm in color/mono (up to 50ppm in color/mono for A4)


    2GB RAM and 1.2GHz processor for rap


    A3 color printer with the white spot color for printing on darker media


    A4/A3/A3+ Five (CMYK+White) color printer


    Duty Cycle: 300000


    PCL and PostScript printer language emulation


    The 5-station ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer vs. traditional color printing systems:


     Color-on-Color The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer  applies full-color graphics to dark-colored media with stunning results, an easy and elegant solution no ordinary color printer can match—even 5-station devices from other manufacturers.


     Affordable and Compact ROI can be a business challenge with bulky, maintenance-intensive print systems. The ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer has a lower TCO and smaller footprint than its competition, even with an optional RIP.


    Media Handling OKI® Single Pass Color printing technology and specially developed OKI firmware enable the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer  to handle thick media (up to 360 gsm) and sizes ranging from 3" x 5" cards to 13" x 52" banners—with ease. The innovative ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer is an ideal choice for stand out graphic arts printing. Brilliant print quality, high print speeds and complete media flexibility combined with the ability to print a full range of process colors with the addition of white, opens up new opportunities for on-demand printing, with vibrant results every time. Ultra-high capacity toners also make the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer a highly cost-effective option, especially for high coverage and quality printing.


    Brilliant color – Print in a full range of CMYK plus solid white 
    Ideal for graphic arts printing and light production, the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color digital envelope Printer  takes advanced color to a new level with single pass white-under printing. Affordable and unique in the market, this innovative high-definition printer increases flexibility and delivers stand out results.


    Print in a full range of process CMYK colors plus solid white


    Vibrant color and high density white on dark or transparent media


    Fully compatible with EFI Fiery® XF for advanced color management


    Vibrant finish: High-quality results with digital LED and Multi-Level Pro Q technology 
    No matter how unusual the design, stunning high-definition results are guaranteed every time with the Pro9542dn graphic arts printer. Digital LED and Multi-Level ProQ technology are combined with flexible media handling to produce sharp, vibrant print output on a wide range of media sizes.


    ProQ4800 Multi-level technology, 1200 x 1200dpi print resolution


    Wide paper handling from A6 to SRA3 and banner lengths up to 1.3m


    Media flexibility: Print in-house on dark and transparent media leading the way in media flexibility, the ColorMaxT5 Digital Color Multimedia Printer delivers fast, high-quality results on gloss paper, film, transfer paper, waterproof paper and more. Breaking down barriers and opening up new opportunities for on-demand digital LED printing, innovative solid white printing technology delivers standout results on dark or transparent media.


    Print on a wide range of dark and transparent media, including film, gloss, transfer and waterproof paper


    Dimensions (HxWxD)27.5”x24.6”x25.2”


    Weight: 245 lbs




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    Onsite 90 days Warranty, extended only site warranty optional